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the epsolution™ effect

epsolution™ is a premium blend of magnesium-infused Epsom Salt and Siberian Fir Oil, formulated and trademarked by husband and wife, Nick and Nikki Giacara.

The Siberian Fir has a fresh scent, known for its’ calming and relaxing properties. Because of this pairing, epsolution™ is very soothing to the skin, also promotes feelings of easy breathing, and provides a grounding effect.

The anti-inflammatory essential oil paired with magnesium sulfate, maximizes the uptake of the magnesium because of the epsolution blending process.

By alternating layers of our proprietary blend, we are avoiding the crystallization of the salt when moisture hits it. This means zero clumping and zero drain clogging.

How To Use

Add three cups of epsolution to warm, running water, and soak for 20 minutes. For maintenance, use a minimum of three times per week. For enhanced recovery, use up to six times per week.

No bathtub? No problem! A foot soak works equally as well for the healing properties.