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Siberian Fir Oil

Siberian Fir Oil has a refreshing, woody scent that is known for its' calming and relaxing properties. Siberian Fir has a unique chemical composition that is predominantly bornyl acetate, which provides a majority of the easing benefits of this essential oil.

Siberian Fir can be very soothing to the skin, making it an ideal essential oil to add to epsolution.  Siberian Fir can help promote feelings of easy breathing, while calming the emotions and providing a grounding effect. 

Additionally, Siberian Fir Oil is animal-safe, and is used to calm them during times of stress

Siberian Fir is also used to combat acne by organically combating lack of pH balance in the body from inflammation caused by acne.

After one bath in epsolution, your skin will feel instantly smoother, you will feel less fatigued, and your bone health will thank you!