the world's greatest soak.

epsolution™ — recovery, redefined.

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the epsolution™ effect

epsolution™ is a premium blend of magnesium-infused Epsom Salt and Siberian Fir Oil, formulated and trademarked by husband and wife, Nick and Nikki Giacara.

Unlike any epsom salt product out there today, epsolution is made from 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals or artificial dyes, and leaves your muscles hydrated and your skin feeling silky smooth.

For maximum benefit, soak in epsolution for a minimum of 20 minutes per soak, three days per week, at three cups of salt per soak.

No bathtub? No problem! A foot soak is enough to foster the same benefits. 

Treat yourself with epsolution today!

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the epsolution™ method

3 cups | 2 ingredients | 1 solution

3 cups

of epsolution™ per bath

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2 ingredients

Magnesium Sulfate + Sibirian Fir Oil

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1 solution


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Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulfate is the chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, more commonly known as Epsom salt.

magnesium sulfate

Sibirian Fir Oil

Siberian Fir Oil is an essential oil that has a refreshing, woody scent, known for its calming, aromatic, and relaxing effect on our nervous system.

siberian fir oil


what makes us the best

  • 100% NATURAL

    made with love—manufactured, packaged, and shipped right here in the United States.


    unnatural fragrances, artificial ingredients, animal testing, GMOs, preservatives, soy, chemicals, parabens, alcohol, or sulfates.


    increased collagen production, better blood flow, hydrates, nourishes, and moisturizes skin, and supports deeper, more restful sleep.


    reduces muscle soreness, increases muscle activation, replenishes ATP and magnesium, and increases immunity against colds and flu.

the epsolution™ soak

bath time with a twist.


what people are saying about epsolution™

"I had a KILLER workout. No joke, strength/energy levels were higher. No doubt the recovery had a lot to do with it and that was directly influenced by epsolution."

“I feel so energized and hydrated, just from the bath. I need to incorporate epsolution three times per week, plus the oil is so beautiful.”

"it's a quality f*cking product! I swear, whenever I use it, I feel leaner the next 2 days after, compared to when I don't."

"Wow, epsolution didn't have a weird chalky film feel at all, and it didn't burn my eyes. That stuff's a winner!”

"I love the new product. The scent is divine and my skin feels soft and moisturized unlike the epsom salts we normally get."

"epsolution helps my muscles recover from workouts to sleeping deeply at night! I wake up rested and ready to go get after it again and again day after day! I would recommend this product to anyone for everyone!"