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  • NiCK + NiKKi GiACARA

    Meet Nick and Nikki Giacara—the dynamic duo behind epsolution™—recovery, redefined.  

    Their journey began 12 years ago when their shared love for health and fitness blossomed into a vision to create a product where everyone, regardless of background or ability, could use. 

    Today, their fitness business stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to making appositive impact on the lives of others.

    Driven by a genuine desire to see others succeed, Nick and Nikki are known for their infectious enthusiasm and uplifting energy, which they infuse into every aspect of their business.  

    Beyond sculpting bodies, they are sculpting futures, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and live healthier, happier lives by simply using epsolution™—recovery, redefined.


    Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Nick Giacara has over 21 years of experience in the fitness industry, ranging from Personal Trainer to Fitness Manager to Club Manager, and now co-creator of epsolution™. 

    Nick was inspired to get into the health and fitness industry, after losing 50 pounds of his own.  Nick is also a nationally-qualified NPC Men’s Physique athlete, after having won his Master’s Overall in 2019.  Nick has managed and trained at the top fitness locations in the world, winning multiple awards, such as club of the year and MVP of the year, on more than one occasion.

    When not caring for his personal training clients, Nick enjoys studying higher levels of continued education or managing the needs of the businesses he owns.  Nick can be found listening to EDM DJ performances or watching WWE wrestling while spending time with Nikki and his pets.  Nick lives by the quote, “The only limits in our life, are those we impose on ourselves.”

    You can connect with Nick on Instagram at @TheSaltFather_!


    Nikki Giacara is an IFBB Wellness Pro, Online Personal Trainer / Nutrition Coach, and former reality television star.  She and her husband, Nick originally started formulating epsolution™ in 2018 when they were living in Miami Beach and Nikki was over training and under recovering on her quest to become a professional bodybuilder.

    Originally from New Jersey, Nikki pursued her passion for fitness immediately after graduating from the University of Colorado-Denver with double degrees in Marketing and Management. And today, she co-owns epsolution and her online coaching business, FiT2NiK.

    Being an athlete most her life, Nikki knew she had to find a career that followed her heart—helping those around her to live better, healthier, and more consciously-aware lives, which led her to her 14+ certifications and 15+ years of experience.

    When not coaching her clients or attending events on behalf of epsolution™, Nikki enjoys traveling to see her favorite DJs at EDM events, spending quality time with Nick on their balcony watching sunsets, and quality time with her fur babies.  Nikki lives by the quote, “life has no offseason!” 

    You can connect with Nikki on Instagram at @TheNikkiGShow.